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How Our Town (once called the Tomb) Is removing Heroin

In Ocean County, NJ The supply of the substance has been uncontrollable. Young adults have unlimited access to the drug and overdosing has claimed more lives of such people than natural calamities. This includes our surrounding counties.

Laying to rest people I grew up with has not been easy. People who had so much potential in this world but the drug became their refuge whenever life got a bit tough. We have taken some measures to counteract drugs being supplied on the streets or warehouses.

Here are our measures taken to getting rid of easily accessible drugs

1) Moving Establishing Supervised Injection Sites to New Jersey

Most people take this drug through injections. They liquidate then inject it directly into their blood. The problem with this is that we young people are not qualified to administer injections. We tend to use too much of the drug and even use recycled syringes instead of new ones. The overdose has severe effects and makes withdrawing a torturous person.

Barnegat Lighthouse

We are working to building supervised injection sites to encourage drug users to get their shots there. This will be controlled dosage. Inconvenient for the individual, but it we believe it will save lives. It guarantees you of a safe dosage administration and also uses of a new and safe syringe.

These sites discourage circulation of the drug amongst citizens as only authorized personnel are allowed to have it. It also encourages users to get the drug from them as they are assured it is safe for their health as well. According to CNN, this method has worked in other countries like Switzerland.

2) Opening Rehabilitation Centers

In Ocean County we understands that some people are already addicted to this drug, so the only way to help them is opening up centers where they can get help. A rehabilitation center offers typically a platform where addicts can pen up and discuss what or how they got hooked on drugs. It assists victims to realize that they can live without having to use the drug and also helps them find other ways of dealing with their problems other than turning to such substances.

Rehab helps victims to realize that they are not alone in their struggle and that the society does care for them. It teaches them values and prepares them for the outside world once they are done with their treatment at these centers.

3) Renovating Neighborhoods where Drug Addicts Hide

Drug users in our surrounding areas are known to hang-out together in  specific neighborhoods. This is where the suppliers are located, and drug users are known to gather in one place to get the euphoric feeling.

Renovating such places by creating descent houses and business centers will discourage sellers and buyers from transacting there. The suppliers will not have anywhere to conduct their business and hence, will be forced to move out of the town.

Seaside Heights Boardwalk

4) Changing Police Tactics

The police officers were known for breaking into drug users’ houses and arresting them for possession and use. Taking drug addicts to prison did not make them reform. If anything, they got out of police cells more agitated and found other places to hide while using drugs.

The tactics have recently changed. Instead of arresting drug addicts and oppressing them, they are now spreading a message of hope. They treat the drug users with respect and even encourage them to stop abusing the drug. The approach has been helpful as the police have been able to identify more drug suppliers and help the users to reform. Their efforts have been appreciated by the whole town, and now people are even collaborating with the police to help stop the supply of the drug amongst the youth.

5) Establishing Strict Laws Against Heroin Suppliers

Young people cannot get addicted to the use of the drug unless someone is supplying to them first. The town understands that helping those who are addicted to drugs starts with stopping its supply and decreasing the chances of the already reformed falling back to old patterns. We are, therefore, trying to get rid of the problem from the roots.

Drug suppliers are being dealt with strictly by law enforcers. The aim here is to discourage them from supplying it in New Jersey counties or anywhere else. Some of the measures include hefty fines and imprisonment for anyone found selling or providing the drug in Ocean County and Monmouth County.

6) Creating Awareness

The first step we, as a New Jersey residents, took was creating awareness amongst young people on the effects of drug abuse. It first required doing a lot of research and linking it to what we had seen in our community. The study was quite conclusive, from the long-term risk factors on an individual who abuses drugs and the effect it has on their families.

It also involved getting ex-addicts to give their testimonies. Talk of their lives before they started using the drugs, when they were addicted, and what happened after they cleaned up their act. Drug addiction awareness is also a method being used by other communities to fight drugs.


I hope you all enjoyed reading this article and found it educative as well. You can establish the same ideas in your area across the U.S. to see if it will help get rid of drugs. This particular topic is a sensitive one to me because of the friends and family members I have lost to this drug. I have seen dreams crushed and a future that was to be destroyed.

We need to understand that problems are meant to make us stronger, and we should not run away from them by using drugs. Yes, it will temporarily help you forget and even make you happy, but the problems will still be there once the effects wear off. We should also create a support system for our friends and family who are addicted to drugs and help them overcome the addiction. Kindly share the article with others and even let me know what you think about the drug problem in your town by leaving a comment below.

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