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  • JRB Recovery

    JRB Recovery is a sober living home in Newport Beach, CA.. JRB Recovery helps men who have finished treatment, re-engage into society, teaching how to be contributing members of society again. Currently this center is awaiting an on-site visit from Addiction Unscripted. JRB Recovery does not appear as a state read more

  • Nova Recovery Center

    With a specialization in chronic relapse, we offer continuum of care options designed to provide a thorough progression of individualized treatment for men and women in a supportive community. Programs are facilitated by board-certified psychiatrists, medical experts and addiction counselors to address the needs of the individual and family during read more

  • Cornerstone of Southern California

    Cornerstone of Southern California believes that because Addiction is a chronic disease and is relapse is highly possible, that recovery program must teach relapse prevention techniques throughout all levels of the program. It is not a ‘specialty track’ it is what we teach daily. Every part of the Cornerstone program read more

  • Able To Change Recovery

    Able To Change Recovery operates similar to other advanced industries that strive to set themselves apart from the rest. Their goal is to make sure that the services delivered are the most modern and effective developments the industry has to offer. Countless hours of time and research are devoted to read more

  • Southern California Recovery Centers

    Southern California Recovery Centers are some of the top all mens recovery programs in the country. Studies show that men with alcohol and drug addiction issues need the freedom to express themselves openly with staff and fellow clients at all times. This may not be possible in a co-ed recovery read more

  • Northbound Treatment Services

    Addiction recovery is a challenging and long-term process. It can be difficult and even astounding at times, but it is one hundred percent worth it. Recovery and all of the benefits it brings are possible and within reach! The team at Northbound Treatment Services works with clients each step of read more

  • Restore Health and Wellness

    At the Restore Treatment Center, our mission is to be the leading provider of quality, comprehensive care for the treatment of alcoholism, drug addiction, and co-occurring disorders. We are in the business of helping people heal their lives from the destruction that the disease of addiction has caused them. We read more