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#VoicesInRecovery Challenge: How You Can Win $500 And Help Battle The Stigma of Addiction!

Calling all #VoicesinRecovery – AddictionUnscripted is running its first ever, #VoicesinRecovery Challenge.

We will be awarding two of you with $500!

Are you interested in helping those affected by addiction or sharing your personal experience with addiction or recovery?

AddictionUnscripted continually looks to rid the stigma of addiction through storytelling and the art of writing. We would also like to include more of the creative community so we have created a contest for both writers and artists.

For the next 3 weeks, we will be running a contest, any original content submissions between now (June 22) and July 15th, will qualify for a chance to win $500.

We are looking for writers, musicians, storytellers, songwriters, poets, and artists to share their original work with the AddictionUnscripted community. Our only requirement is that the original content be addiction or recovery oriented.

There will be two prizes:
Award #1: $500 for the top written article, as voted by you guys! We encourage ALL forms of content, including strong opinion pieces, research related pieces, eye opening feature stories, etc.)

Be original, and be creative.

Award #2: $500 for the top audio/video entry (this can be in the form of a told story, video narrative, rant/rave, spoken word poetry, original song by a singer or songwriter, etc.)

The sky is the limit for these submissions, what you create, we will accept.

Here’s how it works: 

Log onto and submit your article or media content as a story. Be sure to post the hashtag #voicesinrecovery at the end of your submission.

If you are using audio and/or video, you can simply title the story and insert the video underneath the story title (Hit “enter” and choose the video icon that appears in orange. You can then upload the audio or video from YouTube, Vimeo, or any other website. Again, please be sure to post the hashtag #voicesinrecovery at the end of your submission.

AddictionUnscripted staff will select the top 5 articles and top 5 audio/video entries. On July 20, those selections will be put up on our Facebook page as a contest in which you, the community, will be given 72 hours to vote.

The #VoicesinRecovery challenge winners will be selected by the largest amount of votes in each two categories.

Remember, your submissions must be entered between now and the cutoff for the deadline is 11:59pm, on July 15th. However the sooner you submit, the more exposure you’ll be able to receive before we post the top 5 entries on 7/20/16. 

We can’t wait to hear from you!

Contest Rules/Details: 
No purchase necessary.  Users are limited to a maximum of 3 entries per household. Winning entries will be awarded prize money no later then August 1, 2016. Award will be mailed in the form of a check. Contestants must be within United States or Canada. There must be a minimum of 5 valid submissions per category to qualify for a prize. Contest is being sponsored by Addiction Unscripted Inc. A complete list of the 2 determined winners and 8 semi-finalists will be posted both on and on the AddictionUnscripted Facebook page, no later than July 19th.