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We Are Stronger Together

There is more than one way to recover. I can never stress this enough. Because, there is still intolerance out there. There is still the question and judgement that comes from accepting that it’s OK if another’s path is different than our own.

Women of all ages write to me often. It’s usually after reading pieces I wrote about my pathway to recovery, how I left AA, or the process of un-labeling myself. Recovery is my greatest gift and my best asset. It has allowed me to discover who I really am on the pure basis of simply, remembering who I have always been.

Intolerance can be ugly. It can be telling. It can reveal things about ourselves that we never  knew were there. I have been intolerant. But, there is nothing that has rattled me like the threat to my sobriety or my recovery path. 

When I began my recovery journey, I was deeply involved in one program. It was working for me and so, I would not listen to another. I didn’t like it. I thought it was dangerous. Who do they think they are telling others that it’s possible to recover in a way that is different than my own? It was always, “Bye Felicia” to those people. I couldn’t deal.

That was then. And this is now. Today, I know, and believe wholeheartedly, that there are innumerable ways to recover. I never would have guessed that Kundalini meditations, and essential oils, and breath work would be part of my staples of recovery. But, they are. I can’t even believe that I sit in crazy postures, and swing my arms, and chant in sanskrit and believe in beams of light of color and radiance and glory. That I know the healing powers of crystals. Who am I? And where did this woo-woo come from?

The woo is only part of my recovery. It is one of my tools that I pull from my toolbox. I still use some of the old staples, like prayer and meditation, and self-reflection and inventory, and above all else, service to others. These tools are my foundation. They are my rock solids.

However, more than anything else, the digital community has presented us with a myriad of tools, methods, and stories that offer us an insight into recovery outside of the one size fits all method.

Currently, there is a movement advocating the acceptance and promotion of multiple and varied pathways and patchworks to recovery. There is acceptance and belief and space for non-judgment. It is the principle and core trust in the phrase:

 It does not matter HOW we recover; what matters is we DO recover.

It’s that simple. One of the main staples in this movement has been the She Recovers group. If you are not familiar with She Recovers, they are a community that is dedicated to empowering women to own their recovery process, in whatever way feels right for them. They were one of AddictionUnscripted’s Top 25 Blogs of 2016 and they have a fierce mission.

“We are strong and courageous women, and we do recover. We believe that we’re all recovering from something and that we can and do all recover differently – and that is a good thing. Most importantly – and this is truly the key to healing the women of the world who need, are in, or are seeking recovery – we are stronger together. Always and forever.” – SHE RECOVERS

It’s easy. We are stronger together. And we are.

If all of us, who are in recovery, united, and lifted each other up, the heavens would sing from the community of people who are finally joined in one mission: to support each other.

And She Recovers, makes clear, that they are not just dedicated to the healing of the recovery process from drug addiction or alcoholism, but from depression and mental illness, codependency, workaholism, grief, eating disorders, burnout, anxiety, stress, trauma, abuse, self-harm, cancer and chronic illness. We recover from it all – from having our hearts broken, from losing our marriages, our homes, or our jobs. Women who are recovering in all areas of their lives and who follow ALL pathways of recovery are warmly welcomed at She Recovers.

Wouldn’t it be beautiful if all of us were welcomed, regardless of what way we’ve recovered?

There is a way to feel this warm welcome and this is why I want to talk about She Recovers in NYC, an innovative 3-day event in NYC that I will be attending.

The She Recovers in NYC event was created in order to gather and engage women of all ages, to explore a diverse range of recovery that focuses on mind, body and spirit. Notable and celebrated women in recovery as well as prominent leaders in inspired wellness fields will highlight the She Recovers in NYC breakfast, lunch and dinner events. These inspirational women will speak to and about modern recovery, sharing their unique experiences, wisdom and passion with attendees.

I am beyond excited because the speakers are a few of my sheroes. The list of speakers is basically a highlight role of some of my favorite people in all the land. And they are all friends of Oprah’s, which makes them a friend of mine. The main speakers include: Glennon Doyle Melton, Marianne Williamson, Gabby Bernstein, Elizabeth Vargas, and Elena Brower.

This groundbreaking event will bring together an existing cyber community AND engage those women still seeking. She Recovers in NYC is for women who want to connect-to themselves, to others and to the world around them.

For more information on the She Recovers event, or to register, please click here

I can’t wait to see you there. And remember, we are stronger together.