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I Wear My Reasons On My Wrist

I use a to-do list once, twice, maybe three times a day. With such a busy schedule, I probably lose my to-do list once, twice, three times a day. The idea of using a bracelet as a reminder was founded on this logic of having a simple reminder for my every day use.

You see, I am a very instinctive person. I tend to follow my emotions and react to them accordingly as they come. As a result, I have been working on trying to analyze and think more before I react, in other words I have been trying to change my habits for the better. I am coming to you from experience of alcohol and drug abuse. I used to consider alcohol and drugs as my two deepest and most intimate friends. When something in life would not go in my favor, stress me out, and divert my thoughts, I knew exactly what I could count on to ease the pain. It took many years and a life-threatening situation of almost overdosing for me to finally realize how deep I was stuck in this cycle and it was time to bring this routine to its death. I was not only hurting myself, but my family, friends, and anyone else I was close with. I took a pen out and wrote a simple but powerful reminder on my wrist that read, “You are hurting people”. This is a powerful phrase that helped me change my life and I knew that it could also help many others in the world to cope with their own problems.

Prioritizing my day and organizing my thoughts is the first thing I do every morning when I wake. One morning while I was showering, after finding sobriety at last and filled with gratitude, all I could think about was how could I pass the message of using practical reminders on and make a difference in my life and in others? A ton of ideas came to mind, but I was certain that they would all end up landing in my recycle bin. I looked down and noticed where I had written “you are hurting people”, had started to fade away. Then it hit me and by the grace of God I had an absolutely brilliant but simple idea. I would create a wristband that had the words “Live Sober” inscribed on the face of a wristband and the words “Love Life” inscribed inside the wristband, so that it can be turned around, and be used as a reward, once someone had conquered one of their bad habits. I spoke of this idea to a few associates, business owners, family and friends of mine and they were blown away with the idea due to its simplicity and practicality. Not only did these people encouraged the idea for the bracelet but they also supported me in my own recovery of living sober, and what’s even better, none of them judge me and also said to me they could use a bracelet like that to defeat their own addictive behaviors.

The “Live Sober” bracelet will not just be intended for those who need a daily reminder that they are hurting people, but it will serve as a support network of anyone who is associated with a person that needs help. People across the world will recognize and support this cause when they see someone else wearing this bracelet by sharing with each other their unique methods and how they have used the bracelet. The “Live Sober” bracelet will symbolize that there is an alternative and a better way of living. From the abuser, to the family members, to the friends and coworkers, the world epidemic of alcohol and drugs affects everyone who is involved.

At the Live Sober Foundation our goal is to pass on the hope and message that we carry within us to everyone that we can. The “Live Sober, Love Life” bracelet is a symbol to society that there is a better life and there is hope for a tangible collective recovery and for a future vaccine that will aid recovery and prevention. We as a non-profit organization will start off with the “Live Sober” bracelet project (“Angel Campaign”) and then move one to other creative and meaningful ways to raise money to achieve completion of our core missions. Eventually we will evolve into a worldwide organization that will provide assistance to help those who want to live a better life. I look forward to our next meeting. Until then, have a blessed time and don’t forget to get an “Angel” bracelet.

Jonathan Mendoza 

Live Sober and Love Life