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When The Hope Sets In

My daily routine is that of a happy, somewhat “normal” person. I’m currently living in a halfway house. To be completely honest, I’ve never been happier in my life. I only have 30 days clean today, but I’ve been on this program thing for about six months. Yesterday I had the most amazing day I’ve truly ever had in my life. Want to know what I did? I went sightseeing. Yeah, sightseeing. I didn’t need any money, just a good influential sober friend.

Six months ago, I would have had to set everything up the night before so I could actually enjoy myself without being a hopeless, dope-sick addict. I wouldn’t have even remembered most of the day. I would have walked around “sightseeing” and drawing unwanted attention to myself because I would have been acting like a complete jerk. Nodding, talking to people I didn’t know, embarrassing whoever I was with.

Yesterday though, was simply amazing because I could enjoy life the way it was meant to be enjoyed. Walking around Boston, seeing all of the history, and actually remembering what I had seen. I have 30 days today: I’m truly so blessed. I live with 31 amazing women, who I learn from everyday. I work my recovery like I should. I’m on Vivitrol. (I’m sure most of you fellow addicts know what that is.) I go to sleep without a harmful substance I need to put into my body to ensure a good night’s sleep, I wake up “bright eyed and bushy tailed” every single morning because I don’t need to put a harmful substance into my body to have a “normal day.” I am beyond grateful for AA and NA meetings. I am grateful for willingness and openmindedness.

If you are a hopeless dope fiend, I am here to tell you something you hear all the time. I am here to tell you that you most certainly can do it. You can reach out and someone will help you. You can live a happy life. We as addicts deserve the best because we are put through the wringer unwillingly. All you need is to want to want sobriety. It’s hard, it’s time consuming, and it’s stressful, but most of all, it is achievable.