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When Was The Doctor Going To Tell Me, I’d be Dependent on These Pills?

I am 36 years old and I have struggled with addiction to prescription opiates for nearly 7 years now.  The worst part about my addiction is that I never thought it would be caused by a drug that was prescribed by a physician, a person I trusted. 

 I followed her directions, for several years I took only what was prescribed to me,  but it didn’t matter…  A doctor should be someone you can trust to make you happy and healthy again,  and it was too late for me when I finally realized that my physician was my personal drug dealer. She might as well have been selling me pills on the street corner,  she pushed the little evil pills on me and convinced me nearly every month that I needed more of them or stronger ones.  

This is what pain management clinics do to you, they keep you sick so they can continue to make money off you.  

“There is no money to be made from healthy people and there is no money to be made from dead people,  the money is right in the middle”.  

You need those pills,  they become the very essence of your existence……  And then one day you realize that your happiness every day is very dependent on whether or not you have any,  or have enough,  or are able to get more…..  Your entire world revolves around a little pill.  Just one.  Or 15. Or 20. Or maybe more.  The more you have the better the day will be,  right?