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Why Do We Have To Battle Insurance Companies While Battling Addiction?

In Honor Of My Son on International Overdose Awareness Day.

Matt is my son. He was a beautiful person who loved his family and life. He became one of the 44,000 people who lost their lives in 2015 to the misunderstood, mistreated disease of addiction. 

Matt wasn’t a junkie or crack head. He was a successful mechanic who owned a business at the beach. He owned a home, worked everyday, paid his bills and helped those in need.

Matt suffered a back injury while working. Then He became a victim of a pill pushing pain management clinic in my state of Delaware. Matt never shot heroin. He was afraid of needles. He didn’t need heroin to become addicted. He was legally prescribed Percocet and Methadone month after month for years.

Matt tried to get help. He then became a victim of the insurance industry. 

You see insurance companies don’t believe that those who suffer from addiction are worth the money needed for long term rehabilitation. They are led by CEO’s who could give a damn about a person when the diagnosis has anything to do with mental health or drugs. Matt fought for years to get his life back. I watched in horror as he was turned away from rehab after rehab and told to come back another time when his insurance might approve a few days of care. I used to wish Matt had cancer, at least with cancer you get care.

Im left with pictures of my beautiful boy. He is forever frozen in time. Forever 37. I will never see that smile or hear “Hey Mom”. I will never feel his bear hug. There will be no fiancĂ©, wedding or grandchildren. Birthdays, holidays and Mothers Day will continue to be constant reminders of my enormous loss. His brother, Mike will have no sibling to grow old with after I’m gone. He will miss his nieces high school years, prom and graduation.

My life has been forever changed. My heart broken beyond repair. Today I stand with other mothers as we honor the lives of our precious, beautiful children who were ripped from our lives by this man made disease called addiction. Together across this country we will stand and remember. We will say their names and show their pictures. We will tell the stories of their lives. Our children might be gone but they will NEVER be forgotten. Matt you are forever in my heart. ?