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You lost your grip!

For years and years I chose tears over cheers. I put myself in situations that were scary as hell. “Oh well”, you’d say, “Let’s drink today”, and again my soul I’d sell… Guess what? It took some time, well yes it did, and four walls to wrangle this filly. But learned, I did- hard work it took, to find out that drinking’s just silly. Who can tame this wild horse? The sea of course! With a load of remorse. When I need solace, which is often, I go to her, and she helps me soften… You see, old friend, our bond’s been broken- instead of hangovers I now collect tokens. Five so far, and they’re a better friend than you are- they come with loving friends who stay when I feel I’m at my rope’s end. I’m not sorry to see you go; its been five years, and now we are foe’s. My foot will not slip, and you’ve lost your grip. Me without you is just GRAND! #FiveYearsNoBeers .

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